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      1. hoogege1

        A clear idea of your needs, our creative and experienced designers begin to make the magic happen.

        Our professional engineer can design unique products for you.

        Return the design fee after order.

        Please enter your email,let's get in touch.

        Bloopak is specializing in the production of pumps,trigger sprayer,caps and many other coemstic packaging.

        Markets bloopak services in all of the following areas.

        • Experienced Since 2009, Bloopak has devoted itself to various packaging from daily chemical to cosmetics.
        • Creativity Bloopak provides professional packaging consultation according to your special requirements and works out superior packaging solutions.
        • Service Ability Bloopak is confident in its best service and profession enabling your products to highlight in the market.

        Worry about your customers won't like our products? See what our clients' happy customers said about our products. Your customers will like them, too!

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